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Wait, Boing Boing Is Not Clickbait?

So, maybe you heard, or didn’t—or you don’t really care—that Playboy is suing Boing Boing (parent company Happy Mutants, LLC) for contributory copyright infringement. There […]

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Why Women Should Also Lead the Anti-Piracy Effort

In past articles I’ve suggested that anti-piracy should be a form of activism practiced by anyone who stands up for women’s rights. And perhaps now […]

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Ideologues Seek Revision of Copyright Law Without Legislative Process

One of the reasons someone like me mucks about in copyright law is that all law is an exercise in language.  Especially because English comprises […]

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Dragon Box Sued by New and Traditional Film Studios

Picking up on the piracy-doublespeak theme of my last post, let’s highlight a favorite talking point among piracy advocates and apologists, the one that goes […]

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TorrentFreak Still Selling Piracy as Ideology

I guess it’s pick on Andy at TorrentFreak week.  (Sorry, Andy. ) But a recent blog of his titled No Level of Copyright Enforcement Will […]

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