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Internet Association Wants to Encode Safe Harbors in New NAFTA

As debate over renegotiating NAFTA heats up, the copyright interests will be duking it out with the internet industry over the inclusion, or not, of […]

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KinderGuides & Copyright:  A Tale of Wishful Thinking

An important and instructive decision was handed down this week by New York District Court in the KinderGuides case. KinderGuides is a series of children’s […]

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Taking a Serious Look at SESTA

Well, here we go. The internet industry, with its cortege of hyperventilating helpers, is shouting censorship at the prospect of passing Senate Bill 1693, known […]

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Spotify in Songwriters’ Crosshairs Again

In July, two new lawsuits were filed against the streaming service Spotify, alleging willful copyright infringement on a “staggering scale.”  Publisher Bluewater Music Services and […]

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Levine: How Google Money Really Influences Research

Last week, after antitrust scholar Barry Lynn praised the European Commission’s decision to fine Google for anti-competitive practices, his Open Markets program at the Google-backed […]

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