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Copyright in Motion As Midterms Approach

While most attention will be understandably focused this week on the Senate Judiciary and the confirmation (or not) of Brett Kavanaugh, there is actually quite […]

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Music Modernization Act Passes Senate by Unanimous Consent

Well, at least bipartisanship still exists when it comes to protecting America’s music creators.  Late yesterday, the omnibus bill known as the Music Modernization Act […]

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Internet Activists Clinging to Old Models in EU Copyright Fight

Last week was a rare, silent moment on this blog because I was in the middle of a rather arduous house move.  Consequently, I may […]

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Mousetrap: The Copyright Deep Story Behind Today’s Lies

It seems that after Public Knowledge came out, guns blazing, and just plain making things up about copyright extensions in the new round of NAFTA […]

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Public Knowledge Twaddles Re. NAFTA Negotiations

Back in May, I reported that Cory Doctorow, “writing” for Boing Boing, literally invented a legislative process out of whole cloth in order to portray […]

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