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Blurred Lines in More Ways Than One – Part I

In what may be the most aptly named copyright case in recent history, “Blurred Lines” (properly Williams v. Gaye) is generally viewed as a mistake […]

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Cruz Asks Zuckerberg the Section 230 Question

During Tuesday’s Joint Senate Committee hearing, as Mark Zuckerberg kept promising to take better control over content on Facebook, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked the […]

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Wrangling With the Facebook Problem

With Mark Zuckerberg set to testify today on Capitol Hill, and revelations last week that the Cambridge Analytica data breach is now estimated to have […]

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A Low-Tech Solution to the Russian Hack Problem

So, here’s my non-technological, non-regulatory, short-term solution for what we’ll generally call the Russian hack problem:  Share less. A lot less. If 100 million or […]

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Whatever the Response to the Facebook Fallout, Don’t Blame Copyright

Attorney and journalist Charles J. Glasser published an editorial  in The Daily Caller titled: Mind Manipulation? No, Censorship By Copyright is The REAL Threat to […]

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