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Trump’s Blocking Twitter Followers Unconstitutional Says Court

On Wednesday, a federal court for the Southern District of New York held that President Trump violated the First Amendment when he and his Social […]

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Jeers of a Clone: Doctorow Lies About the CLASSICS Act

If Cory Doctorow writes an article about copyright, “it’s only there trying to fool the public.” For instance, his recent missive about the CLASSICS Act […]

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National Review Says ALI Oversteps in Areas Other Than Copyright

What is the difference between standing on legal principle and engaging in legal activism? The wry answer, of course, is that the attorney, scholar or […]

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Fool me once, shame on Facebook …

In several posts on the subject of Facebook and fake news, I have opined that if we users are going to believe and disseminate bogus […]

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Public Knowledge Attack on CLASSICS Act Typically Unsound

In my last post on this subject, I asked why an organization like Public Knowledge would criticize the CLASSICS Act when there is no apparent […]

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