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Castle: New Music Licensing Bill is Crony Capitalism

Not only musicians, but authors of all works should be deeply concerned about Rep. Sensenbrenner’s proposed “Transparency in Music Licensing and Ownership Act,” says attorney […]

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Getting away with infringement doesn’t mean it’s cool.

Photo by Max Dubler. Used by permission. Last week, while I was writing my last post about photographer David Slater, a story on PetaPixel was […]

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“Monkey selfie” photographer reportedly broke. And for what?

Photo sources by mrbrainous & artush This is a story about how people with self-righteous and futile agendas end up harming creators for absolutely no reason—and even […]

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Is Google Buying Policy Through Academia?

Image by nicholashan This week, the Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been funding academic research papers worldwide and, unsurprisingly, the conclusions in these papers […]

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A Lot of Noise on Spotify

When Napster appeared in 1999, it was a bit of a perfect storm situation for fans to rationalize music piracy.  Granted, people would have used […]

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