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A Lot of Noise on Spotify

When Napster appeared in 1999, it was a bit of a perfect storm situation for fans to rationalize music piracy.  Granted, people would have used […]

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America is a Creative Expression

Image by miflippo This past July 4th, NPR posted the Declaration of Independence in a series of 113 consecutive tweets; and in response, a number of […]

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Turkewitz: Why Equustek Decision is Good for Freedom

Neil Turkewitz, Senior Policy Counsel at the International Center for Law & Economics asserts that critics of the Canadian Supreme Court decision in Equustek v […]

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Castle: Mass NOI Loophole Still Being Exploited

Attorney and blogger Chris Castle continues his reporting on major players like Amazon “innovating” the hell out of a loophole in Section 115 of the […]

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Disrupt the Citizen by Nikil Saval

In the wake of Travis Kalanick’s ouster at UBER, Nikil Saval writes about the incompatibility of democratic principles with Silicon Valley’s “disrupt culture.”   “The […]

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