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A Tale of Two Links: The Goldman & Playboy Opinions (so far)

“…it was the age of wisdom…” Goldman v. Breitbart et al An opinion handed down last week by a New York district court marks a […]

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A Must-Read by Eduardo Porter on “Rents” in the Marketplace

This article specifically caught my attention because the term “rent seeking” has so frequently been misapplied to copyright. Interestingly enough, it is a term correctly […]

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Turns Out Money Talks in Silicon Valley

For years, producers of creative content—from individual artists to mass-media corporations—have tried to engage with internet companies (mainly Google) in an effort to stop the […]

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Time to Stop Defending the Internet As-Is

With the passing of John Perry Barlow last week, a number of articles and social media comments by internet activists offered variations on the theme […]

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4th Circuit Remands BMG v. COX, But …

Good news for authors, creators, and sanity was delivered yesterday by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. Despite remanding the case back to the district […]

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