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Well, That Year Happened: Notes from Utopia

’Tis the season of glad tidings and Year-in-Review articles.  But those moods are decidedly incompatible. The crescendo of 2017 is more like a relentless cacophony […]

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Public Knowledge Responds to Infringement Claim in Ajit Pai Video

Well, this is interesting.  Ordinarily, Public Knowledge is an organization that sows a lot of confusion—and sometimes outright falsehoods—about copyright law.  As a rule, I […]

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Google Says Humbug to Child Sex-Trafficking Victims

Just in time for Christmas, it seems Google is up to its Grinchy tricks in the House of Representatives, allegedly the big gun behind an […]

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Caucus Vote of Interest to Artists This Week

On Wednesday this week, the Democratic Caucus will vote to choose the new ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee in order to fill the […]

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Some Good Copyright News From Down Under

G’Day! Since there’s so much gloomy news here in the States, I thought I’d take a moment to note that Australia did a couple of […]

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