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Is a Tech Company Really Claiming Ownership of Marvel Characters?

You may have read recently that some of the major studios, most prominently Disney, are alleged to have infringed the patent rights in a certain […]

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Does the Internet Archive Need the Copyright Rhetoric to Be Useful?

Photo by fotoduki Recently, a tweet caught my eye on the #copyright thread—something about the late Congressman Sonny Bono and a new collection at the Internet […]

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Speech Maximalism on SESTA is Madness

This refrain keeps playing over in my head lately:  The EFF and its sister organizations are to cyberlaw as the NRA is to rational gun […]

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Study Shows Piracy Losing Premium Ad Revenue

Among the standard responses to any proposal to mitigate online piracy is an insistence that it just cannot be stopped.  Perhaps not entirely. But it […]

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Fake News Tops Results After Las Vegas Shooting

On Monday, I was up early and first heard about the Las Vegas shooting on the radio in the car. It was still dark, and […]

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