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Internet Association Reverses on SESTA. EFF Cranky.

I can’t say I was surprised when the Internet Association announced on Friday that the major internet companies would be halting their lobbying efforts against […]

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The Internet is Not a VCR

That may seem obvious, but if you’re an internet service provider who fails to uphold your end of the DMCA bargain, you’d sure like the […]

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Senate Hearings:  A Sea Change for Social Media Companies & Users

Yesterday afternoon the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing entitled:  “Extremist Content and Russian Disinformation Online:  Working with Tech to Find Solutions.” Representing the social […]

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YouTubers losing viewers. What gives?

For years, “old model” artists have been told to quit whining.  Every time some well-known and well-established creator has spoken out about the issue of mass […]

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Sucking Faster:  Is the Tech Backlash Happening or Not?

At the launch of this blog in the Summer of 2012, in the intro to a podcast interview with journalist Christopher Dickey, I cited a […]

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