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Dragon Box Sued by New and Traditional Film Studios

Picking up on the piracy-doublespeak theme of my last post, let’s highlight a favorite talking point among piracy advocates and apologists, the one that goes […]

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TorrentFreak Still Selling Piracy as Ideology

I guess it’s pick on Andy at TorrentFreak week.  (Sorry, Andy. ) But a recent blog of his titled No Level of Copyright Enforcement Will […]

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Can Streaming Ever Work for Songwriters?

Yesterday, David Lowery’s The Trichordist published an article by singer/songwriter Blake Morgan—one which the Huffington Post apparently refused to run.  In the piece, Morgan describes […]

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White Noise Story Generates White Noise on Copyright

TorrentFreak recently reported a story about Australian music technologist Sebastian Tomczak receiving several copyright claims on a work he created and uploaded to YouTube. The […]

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Turkewitz: Disruption, Fear and Slippery Slopes: Baby Steps in Building a Better Internet

(republished by permission) The biggest story of 2017? To my mind, there is no contest — the broad emergence of an awareness that the irresponsibility masquerading as […]

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