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Open Letter to Rick Falkvinge

Dear Rick: When I wrote a criticism last week of your incomprehensible TED video, in which you  vaguely stump for the Swedish Pirate Party, I […]

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Are You Addicted?

According to one German scientist, the reasons we use the Internet to excess is that it triggers some of the same chemical rewards as addictions […]

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Talking TED – Ideas for Scaring

Consider this:  instead of an entrenched government fabricating an Orwellian state of fear in order to limit civil liberties, that it is in fact self-proclaimed […]

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Piracy as Radical Force?

For your consideration: In this article reposted from Jacobin on, Gavin Mueller aims to place Internet piracy of intellectual property in context to 17th […]

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  Last week, when I logged onto Facebook, two stories were near the top of my feed.  The  first was about the plot of at […]

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