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Interview with Will Buckley (Podcast)

Beneath the roil of arguments about illegal downloading of digital media, there is an unmistakable social, dare I say ethical, implication to the idea that […]

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The Illusion of More Money

On the subject of more not always being all it’s cracked up to be, I think it took about thirty seconds after President Obama won […]

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SOPA didn’t matter. What’s next?

That SOPA had little to no measurable effect on the election results in Congress is not surprsing. While the online protest against the bill was […]

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Going Memeless – Do civil rights abuses have to be hip to get attention?

I guess it comes down to the obvious answer that “sex sells,” but with the recent arrest of two Vietnamese songwriters, I can’t help but […]

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It’s Guy Fawkes Day and Anonymous thinks that means something.

Forget that tomorrow is Election Day in the U.S. or that many of our fellow Americans are still digging out of the damage done by […]

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