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Why isn’t the Internet breaking?

During the squabble over SOPA and PIPA, one of the underlying (and possibly just lying) PR bullets coming out of Silicon Valley was that the […]

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Sunday Thought Exercise – M.A.D.ness or no?

I know it’s a day to relax, enjoy a late-morning cup of coffee, and perhaps forget about the troubles of the world, so I hope […]

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Can cyber borders really be closed?

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Iranian government is laying the foundation for a national intranet that would replace Iranian citizens’ access to the […]

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A Healthy Case of Logophilia: Are Dictionaries Democratic?

English lexicographer Jonathon Green offers this well-reasoned article criticizing crowd sourcing for dictionaries under the thesis “dictionaries are not democratic.”  As a confirmed word snob […]

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Interview with Matthew Ebel (Podcast)

Changing the culture one fan at a time Matthew Ebel would seem to be the living definition of the DIY digital artist.  With 10 albums […]

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