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Printing Guns as Freedom of Expression

First, I’ll lay some cards on the table:  I believe, as many do, that the contemporary view of the Second Amendment exceeds common sense — […]

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At World’s End – The Technological Singularity

Maybe not 2012, but how about 2030? I think it’s a safe bet the world will not end this Friday, never mind the fact that […]

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Tools & Hands

We hear a lot about community and free expression when it comes to the Web.  From tech bloggers to legal scholars, the boosters spare little […]

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A Must Read – Steven Poole “Invasion of the Cyber Hustlers”

The overarching goal of this site is to question the often giddy, utopianism that accompanies our journey into this new, digital-age reality. I have proposed […]

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Tuesday Tech Roundup

A weekly aggregation of tech stories of note December 11, 2012 Steam Without Boiling Water – Metallic nano particles can be used to produce steam […]

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