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Newsweek Goes Digital Only

This week, Newsweek announced that the final print edition of the 80 year-old magazine would appear this coming December 31.  This site launched with an […]

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What’s the deal with the IRFA?

Musician David Lowery, founder of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, has become one of the most vocal defendants of artists’ rights in the digital age. […]

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Digital Cinema: More accessible but not less complex.

I saw this link the other day from one of my indie filmmaker friends about Black Magic’s new 2.5k cinema camera.  I recommend reading the […]

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The Wicked and Dissembling Glass

Last week, MPAA CEO Christopher Dodd spoke in San Francisco about fostering better collaboration between the entertainment and Internet industries.  Not surprisingly, two voices from […]

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Because Film is Next

I have many friends in the filmed entertainment industry working at all levels of production and in just about every department.  Some of them follow […]

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