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A Healthy Case of Logophilia: Are Dictionaries Democratic?

English lexicographer Jonathon Green offers this well-reasoned article criticizing crowd sourcing for dictionaries under the thesis “dictionaries are not democratic.”  As a confirmed word snob […]

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Interview with Matthew Ebel (Podcast)

Changing the culture one fan at a time Matthew Ebel would seem to be the living definition of the DIY digital artist.  With 10 albums […]

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One Man’s Speech

“If your freedom of speech has no limits, may you accept our freedom of action.”    This was a statement painted on a wall in […]

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Dear Rick II – Response to Rick Falkvinge on Legalizing Child Porn

Dear Rick: Yesterday, I opened up on you without actually taking the time to refute your positions or points. Honestly, it’s tough to read that […]

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Open Letter to Rick Falkvinge

Dear Rick: When I wrote a criticism last week of your incomprehensible TED video, in which you  vaguely stump for the Swedish Pirate Party, I […]

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