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Odds & Ends (It’s that kind of week)

What Color is the Sky in Rick Falkvinge’s World? Someone please tell me that Rick Falkvinge is the Ron Paul of European politics.  I’m sure […]

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Conversation with Chris Ruen (Podcast)

Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity In his new book, author Chris Ruen provides a glimpse into his personal transition from […]

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Compare & Contrast

Here’s one way the Web is being used by a group of young artists in collaboration with one of the “evil”  big media companies:  MTVu […]

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Think File Sharing is Sticking it to The Man? Really?

Back in the Napster days, I had an assistant named Greg, who remains one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever been lucky enough to call […]

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On Being a Luddite

If you say anything publicly critical of the Internet, there’s a good chance some technobrat on Twitter will call you a Luddite.  The simple irony […]

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