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Digital Advertising $h*tstorm Hits Europe

Photo by ra2studio I reported last week that Procter & Gamble had thrown down the gauntlet and demanded that the online advertising ecosystem needs to improve this year.  By the weekend, advertisers in Europe had gone even further with, for instance, Havas … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Gawker Legal Woes

My initial response to the prospect that Gawker Media might go down in flames as a result of its legal woes was somewhere between ambivalence and satisfaction.  I’m not generally sympathetic to the proposition that invasions of privacy are inherently … Continue reading

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Copyright Doesn’t Restrain Culture – Part II

View image | “Shorter copyright will encourage artists to keep on creating new work, will allow  new art forms (such as mash-ups) and will stop big businesses from relying on large back-catalogues rather than investing in new content.”   — … Continue reading

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The Lenz Case is Victim Shaming Says Orlowski

Andrew Orlowski, writing for The Register, has done the best job so far of placing the “Dancing Baby” case (Lenz v UMG) in its proper context — as part of Silicon Valley’s broader strategy to strip individuals of their rights. … Continue reading

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Your rights are in my freedom.

It’s another Independence Day weekend, and I can’t help but notice that we find ourselves this year grappling with some unfortunate consequences of liberty run amok.  We’ve got open-carry nuts sporting assault rifles in department stores and coffee shops to … Continue reading

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