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“Don’t Use Our Songs”

There was no way I could not share this. I recommend watching all the way through to the end.  Is the message entirely on solid ground copyright-wise?  Not quite.  Is the sentiment in the right place?  I think so.  And … Continue reading

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Democracy Officially Improved by Information Age

With the inevitability of Donald Trump’s nomination as the GOP candidate for president, I think we can officially declare the “information revolution” a rollicking success, don’t you?  When the savants and silicon pioneers of the 80s and 90s predicted that … Continue reading

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Democracy Disrupted

A couple of posts ago, I reported that the organization Fight for the Future had facilitated enough comments sent to the Copyright Office regarding Section 512 of the DMCA that they “crashed” the servers.  In a follow-up email brimming with … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and Terrorism Sponsored by Your Candidate

If you were watching TV and a show came on called How to Hack Computers and Commit Credit Card Fraud with a lead commercial from Bank of America, you might think there’s something amiss.  Like, where does the network get … Continue reading

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Would Bernie’s supporters let him take on Silicon Valley?

If Bernie Sanders became president and was then tough on the growing power of the Internet industry, would the progressives currently singing his praises still support him?  With this post, I am neither endorsing nor indicting the candidacy of Senator … Continue reading

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