Orlowski: Google Returns to CA Court on Equustek

“What should govern the behavior of huge multinationals like Google: the law Google makes for itself, or the laws that people make?” asks Andrew Orlowski. […]

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Is Google Buying Policy Through Academia?

Image by nicholashan This week, the Wall Street Journal reports that Google has been funding academic research papers worldwide and, unsurprisingly, the conclusions in these papers […]

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Turkewitz: Why Equustek Decision is Good for Freedom

Neil Turkewitz, Senior Policy Counsel at the International Center for Law & Economics asserts that critics of the Canadian Supreme Court decision in Equustek v […]

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Equustek Decision Has Nothing to Do With Speech

Image by beebright There. Did you feel that? A tremor in the First Amendment? Somewhere in cyberspace, a website has died, taking with it a tiny […]

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Malware Suggests Search Plays a Major Role in Piracy

Image by stefanocar75 Copyright holders have long insisted that search results play a substantial role in driving users toward pirate sites.  Google and piracy advocates have generally […]

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