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The Online Advertising Market with Andrew Orlowski

Embed from Getty Images I haven’t done a podcast in a while but decided to reach out to technology writer Andrew Orlowski after reading his article Alphabetti Spaghetti:  What Wall Street isn’t telling you about Google.  Andrew is the executive … Continue reading

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The Revolution in the Mirror is Closer than it Appears

The father of modern chemistry Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier was beheaded in 1793 in what is now the Place de la Concorde. A victim of France’s post-revolutionary Reign of Terror, he was specifically marked for execution by one vengeful, lesser scientist named … Continue reading

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Phoenix Center Responds to Singapore Fair Use Study

In 2012, a report was published in the online journal LAWS entitled A Counterfactual Impact Analysis of Fair Use Policy on Copyright Related Industries in Singapore.  I know. Sounds like a real page-turner for the general reader, right? To be … Continue reading

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An Open Response to Peter Sunde

Dear Peter: I read this morning on Motherboard that you have “given up your fight for the Internet.”  This is the second time I’ve come across a public statement in which you say you are throwing in the towel on … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Workless Future

View image | My apologies in advance for the length and nearly stream-of-consciousness nature of the following: While there appears to be consensus that we are rapidly innovating our way toward a future without work — or at least … Continue reading

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