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Copyright is Not About Defending Old Models

Photo by DelmasLehman Pretty much since Napster (1999), tech pundits have been presumptuously lecturing pro-copyright creators about economist Joseph Schumpeter’s principle of “creative destruction.”  This is the observation that the market will naturally produce innovations which will displace existing products or services, often … Continue reading

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Billionaires in Bunkers—The Luxury Apocalypse

Photo by CarlosYudica Remember that theme “make the world better” that’s been pitched, promoted, and even believed by many a Silicon Valley innovator?  Well, according to Evan Osnos, writing for The New Yorker, a considerable number of tech-industry billionaires, rather than … Continue reading

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Copyright Still Essential to Economic Future 

There is a lot of anxiety about jobs these days and with good reason.  The subject of trade has a lot of people on edge, and we’re only just beginning to talk seriously about the very real prospect of automation … Continue reading

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Are Candidates Even Talking About the 21st Century Economy?

It’s very common to encounter broad complaints saying things like, “Copyright law should not stop me from fixing or altering my technology.”  Often, this generalization is made by people who don’t necessarily know they’re referring to Title I of the … Continue reading

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New Study Indicates Piracy is Not Promotion

Last month, I shared some thoughts on the subject of piracy as a tool for promotion, and I won’t repeat all that here.  Suffice to say, I’ve never understood why this particular argument has ever be taken seriously—other than the … Continue reading

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