Disrupt the Citizen by Nikil Saval

In the wake of Travis Kalanick’s ouster at UBER, Nikil Saval writes about the incompatibility of democratic principles with Silicon Valley’s “disrupt culture.”   “The […]

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Public protest.

A Broader View of Packingham SCOTUS Decision

Photo by wellphoto My last post focused narrowly on responding to assertions that the Supreme Court decision in Packingham casts doubt on the constitutionality of DMCA […]

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DCA Report: Users Demand Some Accountability For Platforms

On December 31, 2016, in a post called The Morning After or Social Media is a Humbug, I wondered whether or not 2017 would be […]

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Out of the Fire and Into the Matrix

Photo source by orlaimagine One of the first articles I ever published (for a magazine that no longer exists) was about cogeneration.  This is the process […]

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EFF Petition Language Used in Fake Emails to the FCC

Photo by Elnur It’s depressing how often one reads news that makes the United States seem as though we’re reliving the 19th century rather than an […]

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