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Yelp Claims Contradictory Rights

Chameleon photos by leisuretime70 Imagine Elizabeth Proctor runs a corner café in a small town and that Abby Williams has held a grudge against Elizabeth ever since the former beat her out for cheerleader captain back in high school.  So, feeling … Continue reading

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Online Harassment & The Internet Experiment

In last weekend’s New York Times Magazine, staff writer Jenna Wortham asks Why Can’t Silicon Valley Fix Online Harassment? Citing some alarming statistics from a 2104 Pew Research study, she writes … “… 40 percent of adult internet users have … Continue reading

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When Copyright Criticism Is Something Else

Photo by Tamagocha A couple weeks ago, a comment on the Illusion of More Facebook page proposed that the Walt Disney Company was able to get its start in the 1930s because the story for the studio’s first animated feature film … Continue reading

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Big Data in politics. Maybe we should break the internet.

Photo by LisaD If it feels just a little bit like the world is careening toward the edge of a cliff with a madman at the wheel, maybe it’s because that’s what’s happening. Except the madman isn’t just some garden-variety berserker.  … Continue reading

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VidAngel: A Litany of Copyright Defenses

Photo by rootstocks VidAngel offers what is functionally a video-on-demand (VOD) service plus “filtering” for viewers who want to see mainstream fare with certain naughty bits—sex, foul language, violence, etc.—removed. To provide this service, though, VidAngel allegedly violates the copyright owners’ … Continue reading

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