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Yelp Claims Contradictory Rights

Chameleon photos by leisuretime70 Imagine Elizabeth Proctor runs a corner café in a small town and that Abby Williams has held a grudge against Elizabeth ever since the former beat her out for cheerleader captain back in high school.  So, feeling … Continue reading

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Can “Charging Bull” Artist Have “Fearless Girl” Removed?

Embed from Getty Images When the story first broke about the “Fearless Girl” statue, I didn’t pay it much more attention than I had ever given to the “Charging Bull” that the girl now faces in her defiant, wind-blown pose.  … Continue reading

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Copyright is Not About Defending Old Models

Photo by DelmasLehman Pretty much since Napster (1999), tech pundits have been presumptuously lecturing pro-copyright creators about economist Joseph Schumpeter’s principle of “creative destruction.”  This is the observation that the market will naturally produce innovations which will displace existing products or services, often … Continue reading

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Online Harassment & The Internet Experiment

In last weekend’s New York Times Magazine, staff writer Jenna Wortham asks Why Can’t Silicon Valley Fix Online Harassment? Citing some alarming statistics from a 2104 Pew Research study, she writes … “… 40 percent of adult internet users have … Continue reading

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Critics Build House of Canards to Trash USCO Bill

Photo by jeancol1503 Well, here we go.  The network of copyright critics seems to be working out their main talking points for hating on H.R. 1695, which proposes to make the Register of Copyrights a presidential appointee (with Senate approval) rather … Continue reading

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