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Sci-Fi Film Written by AI is Still Fundamentally Human

Back in June, ArsTechnica hosted the online debut of a short film called Sunspring. Directed by Oscar Sharp and featuring the actors Elizabeth Gray, Humphrey Ker, and Thomas Middleitch, the film was made for the Sci-Fi London film festival according … Continue reading

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Motion Picture Unions Opposed to FCC Set-Top Proposals

As noted several times on this blog, it takes a lot of highly skilled people to make a film or TV show, and these people generally do not own any copyright interest in the works they help make or any … Continue reading

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Box Office Revenues Say Little About Piracy

Once again the MPAA has announced a profitable year for American motion pictures, and once again some of the usual suspects have seized upon this announcement to declare the studios hypocrites for ever saying that piracy causes real harm to … Continue reading

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Growth in Legal Platforms for Film & TV Continues

In a recent post, I alluded to a statement by the Copyright Alliance, which emphasizes that Section 1201 of the DMCA supports the development of multiple distribution channels for premium content, giving consumers and producers more choices in the digital market.  … Continue reading

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Producer De Laurentiis of “Hannibal” Speaks Out Against Piracy

Veteran film and TV producer Martha De Laurentiis was on Capitol Hill yesterday to take part in an event called Meet the Producers, presented by CreativeFuture in conjunction with the Creative Rights Caucus.  Specifically, De Laurentiis has been motivated to … Continue reading

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