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House Introduces Bill Moving Toward USCO Modernization

Photo by maxkabakov Against the drama of day-to-day Washington—and I’m already exhausted—Rep.  Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced a bill that most people won’t notice except the copyright watchers. Unlike certain congressional action making the headlines this week, H.R. 1695 … Continue reading

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FilmOn Not a “Cable Provider” Says Ninth Circuit

A recurring narrative promoted by the internet industry and its cheerleaders is that the old creative industry, which relies on copyright law, is “outdated.”  The major rights holders, they keep saying, “cling to old models,” pretending the future is not … Continue reading

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Will the EFF Tolerate Any Copyright Enforcement?

  Maybe the folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation could save themselves a lot of repetitive work if they just write a blanket statement declaring once and for all that they believe copyrights should never be enforced online in any … Continue reading

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Fair Use Isn’t “Dare Use”

Don’t fall for fair-use daredevil tactics. You might get hurt. I know Fair Use Week is technically over, but when I saw this video produced by Public Knowledge, I couldn’t, y’know…let it go. Remember how I’ve argued a few times … Continue reading

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ReDigi, Fair Use, and Libraries

Photo by author. In my last post, I opined that the fair use interests of librarians and educators are not necessarily aligned with for-profit business ventures seeking to exploit creative works in ways that can harm authors.  For instance, in … Continue reading

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