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Does Google Claim Some Invalid Copyrights?

Photo by Harrisr I assume it’s well understood by now that the biggest, corporate antagonist to intellectual property rights is Google. The company has backed an impressive array of academia, press, lobbying, and activism, all generally evangelizing the message worldwide that … Continue reading

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Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram Copyright Mistake

  Lens photo by mrbrainous For all the attention paid to music and motion picture piracy, the most chronically infringed works via the internet has got to be photographs.  The speed and volume with which photos are uploaded and redistributed by both … Continue reading

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Solicitor General Says No Cert for “Dancing Baby” Case

 SCOTUS Photo by jgroup After ten years and what must be thousands of attorney hours, the “Dancing Baby” case may have to do an about-face at the steps of the Supreme Court and, get this, actually go to trial. On May … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Fight Brews

Composite sources by zmiter & maximmmmum When the President of the United States disses fundamentals from climate science to the separation of powers, it is admittedly a very difficult time to debate any issue outside the gravitational pull of so much regressive momentum. … Continue reading

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Is IP Utilitarian or a Natural Right?

Image by ivelinradkov Usually, when we talk about copyright or patents, we focus on the utilitarian aspects of the law.  We’ll discuss the merits of specific arguments in a case or the need of the author or inventor to earn a … Continue reading

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