Disrupt the Citizen by Nikil Saval

In the wake of Travis Kalanick’s ouster at UBER, Nikil Saval writes about the incompatibility of democratic principles with Silicon Valley’s “disrupt culture.”   “The […]

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CBS: Facebook Acknowledges Election Manipulation

“Without saying the words “Russia,” “Hillary Clinton,” or “Donald Trump,” Facebook acknowledged Thursday for the first time what others have been saying for months.” See […]

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Digital World Map

Equustek Decision Has Nothing to Do With Speech

Image by beebright There. Did you feel that? A tremor in the First Amendment? Somewhere in cyberspace, a website has died, taking with it a tiny […]

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Malware Suggests Search Plays a Major Role in Piracy

Image by stefanocar75 Copyright holders have long insisted that search results play a substantial role in driving users toward pirate sites.  Google and piracy advocates have generally […]

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Public protest.

A Broader View of Packingham SCOTUS Decision

Photo by wellphoto My last post focused narrowly on responding to assertions that the Supreme Court decision in Packingham casts doubt on the constitutionality of DMCA […]

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