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Big Data in politics. Maybe we should break the internet.

Photo by LisaD If it feels just a little bit like the world is careening toward the edge of a cliff with a madman at the wheel, maybe it’s because that’s what’s happening. Except the madman isn’t just some garden-variety berserker.  … Continue reading

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How Bad is the FCC Pause on Privacy Rules?

Photo by kentoh By now, you may have encountered a handful of headlines stating that the new, Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has temporarily halted new privacy rules passed under Obama’s Chairman Tom Wheeler.  As a general takeaway, you’re also likely … Continue reading

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Fair Use Isn’t “Dare Use”

Don’t fall for fair-use daredevil tactics. You might get hurt. I know Fair Use Week is technically over, but when I saw this video produced by Public Knowledge, I couldn’t, y’know…let it go. Remember how I’ve argued a few times … Continue reading

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ReDigi, Fair Use, and Libraries

Photo by author. In my last post, I opined that the fair use interests of librarians and educators are not necessarily aligned with for-profit business ventures seeking to exploit creative works in ways that can harm authors.  For instance, in … Continue reading

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Celebrate fair use, but don’t misunderstand it.

Not that copyright stories should hope to compete with the drama coming out of Washington these days, but it’s more than likely that copyright policy and news will now be viewed through that multi-faceted, jittery lens; and the political climate … Continue reading

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