Audio Podcasts

The Online Advertising Market with Andrew Orlowski

Executive editor of the IT publication The Register and I discuss trouble in the online advertising market, broader economics, and the politics behind the technologies we use.

Talking to Andrew Keen

A conversation with Andrew Keen about the publication of his book The Internet is Not the Answer.

Talking Cyberlockers with Dr. David Price

Dr. Price of London’s NetNames discusses his new report on cyberlockers that host largely infringing material.

Talking Cybercrime with Leandra Ramm

Musician Leandra Ramm talks about her ordeal with a serious cyberstalker and how this led to co-founding the Alliance Against Cybercrime.

A Conversation with Jennifer Lyn Morone

In response to the world of data collection and data brokering, Jennifer Lyn Morone has incorporated herself as part business, part social experiment to learn more about the value of our personal information and the prospects of controlling and protecting it.

A Conversation with Singapore music artist Kevin Lester

Kevin Lester (a.k.a. The Lion City Boy) is a native Singaporean hip hop artist and activist for the cause of professional arts in his country.

A Conversation with animation TV series writer Gene Grillo

Gene Grillo is an Emmy nominated and Emmy winning writer, who has worked on animated series including Johnny Bravo & Jimmy Neutron.  He is currently working on the show Breadwinners for Nickelodeon.

A Conversation with tech designer Carla Diana

Carla has been a designer of smart products, a teacher, and a children’s book author.  We talk about robotics, how we interact with technology, and the subject of women in engineering and technology.

A Conversation with William Hammerstein

William is the grandson of renowned composer Oscar Hammerstein II. We talk about his works and a bit about family stewardship of copyrights.

A Conversation with Dr. David Price

Dr. Price of London-based NetNames is the author of a new report that shows piracy is still increasing even as more legal and affordable options become available.

A Conversation with Chris Ruen 

A discussion with the author of Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite
for Free Content Starves Creativity

A Conversation with Parry Teasdale

What does the editor-in-chief of a small-town newspaper have to say about journalism in the digital age?

A Conversation with filmmaker Amy French

Amy French is an indie filmmaker currently working in the still-experimental world
of “branded entertainment.”

A Conversation with Will Buckley founder of FarePlay

FarePlay aims to educate the next generation of media users about
the real economic and cultural costs of illegal downloading.

A Conversation with Cinematographer Steven Poster (ASC)

Digital cinema at the high end of TV and motion picture production offers a lot of exciting options, but it isn’t as simple, fast, or affordable as many think.

A Conversation with Matthew Ebel

Ebel’s song The Last Pirate caught my attention, and I talked to him about his work and career as a DIY artist in the digital age.

In the New – A New Democratic Party Plank?

A discussion with Cormac Flynn on the significance of a request by certain Democratic lawmakers to add internet freedom language to the party platform.

A Conversation with Christopher Dickey

Is journalism better in the age of the Internet?  Listen to this discussion with veteran, Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief and Middle East Regional Editor for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

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